Peripheral Neuropathy 

There Is New Hope!


Our Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Program Addresses Both
The Mechanical Nerve Irritation Causes And The Metabolic/Chemical Causes.

Gentle Mobilization of the feet brings about greater flexibility and improved range of motion within the joints of the foot structure to aid in better balance, less pain and better mobility.

Soft Laser Therapy bathes the feet and legs in infrared and near infrared light spectrums to bring about fewer pain sensations and to increase circulation, thus allowing the tiny nerve fibers of the feet and legs to receive a more ample supply of nutrients and oxygen, thus promoting healing of the nerve fibers through re-oxygenation.  Originally developed by NASA, this remarkable therapy has proven the capability to bring about greater and faster cell regeneration, thus also promoting healing of the damaged structures

Reverse Polarity Therapy helps to restore proper directional flow of the neural pathways of the nerves in the feet and legs, thus promoting a more natural flow of neural impulses, bringing about increased natural feeling.

Synchronized Vibration Therapy serves to help restore tiny c-fiber nerve function in the feet and legs as it helps to reconnect damaged nerves to increase nerve communication among the neural pathways.

Disc Decompression Therapy with three different methods available is used to address the compressive and mechanical components of neuropathy when they are present.  This serve to help remove pressure from disc decay and bulges that compress the larger nerve trunks as they emit form the spine, travel down the legs and influence the function of the small nerve fibers in the feet and legs.

Mechanical Massage and Tapotement of the feet and lower legs serves to further increase circulation, nutrients and oxygen exchange to promote healing of the damaged nerves, and further serves to stretch ligaments and tendons of the foot for better mobility, function and less pain.

But Best of All......  No Drugs Or Surgery are utilized In our new peripheral neuropathy treatment approach.  A few or all the above approaches may be utilized, depending upon the type and depth of your challenge.  The treatments are relaxing, soothing and enjoyable for almost everyone, and many people are experiencing remarkable results!!! 

                 Most Insurance, Including Medicare, Is Accepted.
                                      Call our office for details.

We hope you can be the next to benefit from our neuropathy treatment procedures
that are bringing new hope and relief to hundreds of people in our area.

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